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Eagle Economy UTP PVC CCA Network Cable (Cat.6 100m)
Round 4 Core 0.75mm Heat Resistant PVC Flex 3184Y Hank
Digital 100U Satellite 75 Ohm Cable Full Copper Hank Black
Round 3 Core 0.5mm PVC Flex 3A 2183Y
2 Core Premium Fig of 8 Individual y Screened Cable With OFC Cable
Eminence Omega Pro 15 Chassis Speaker 800W 8 Ohm
Eminence ASD1001 Compression Driver
125U Digital Coaxial 75 Ohm Cable.
Round 3 Core 0.75mm PVC Flex 6A 3183Y
Ceiling Pull Switch with Neon 45A
Round 2 Core 0.5mm PVC Flex 3 A 2182Y
4 Gang Extension Lead with Neon Indicator
3 Way 13 A Plug-in Adaptor
Eminence APT80 Super Tweeter
Eminence Kappa Pro 15LF Chassis Speaker 600W 8 Ohm
White 4-80 W Fluorescent Starter
Eminence PSD2002 Diaphragm
Oval 2 Core 0.5mm PVC Flex 3A 2192Y 100m
Prem-i-air Mini USB Desk Fan
400 V Red 16 A 5 Contact High Current Angled Outlet Wall Mount
Round 2 Core 0.5mm PVC Flex 3A 2182Y Hank 5 m
Eminence Gamma 10 Chassis Speaker 300W (8 Ohm)
Prem-I-Air 2kW Convector Heater White
Slimline 600 W White Convector Heater with 24 Hour Timer
4 Core Security/Signal Cable
2 Gang Surface Pattress Box 47mm
2 Gang Clip In Dry Lining Box. 35mm
Round 3 Core PVC Flex 10 A 3183Y
Round 2 Core 1mm PVC Flex 10A 3182Y
Round 7 Core Mains Flex 6A Black 6A
4 Core Professional Installation Speaker Cable 2.5mm
2 Way 10 A In-line Connector
4 Core Twisted Pair DMX Cable
4 Core Hi-flex Professional PA Speaker Cable Reel
25 Core Screened Multicore Cable
2 Gang Surface Socket Box 30mm
Round Dry Lining Box 35mm
Eagle Single Gang Extension Lead 5m
2 Core Professional Installation Speaker Cable
Eminence Alpha 15 Chassis Speaker 200W 8 Ohm
Prem-I-Air Turbo Power Lance for EH1684
Eminence Alpha 8 Chassis Speaker 125W (8 Ohm)
Round 3 Core 1.5mm Arctic Grade Flex 15A 3183YG
Eminence Gamma 12 Chassis Speaker 300W 8 Ohm
20 A Double Pole Switch. Bulk
Eagle Surge Protected Extension Socket with Neon 2m
Single Gang Surface Box
400 V Red 32 A 5 Contact High Current Angled Outlet Panel Mount
Eminence Alpha 6 Speaker 100W 8 Ohm
Single Gang Clip In Dry Lining Socket Box 35mm
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