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6 Core Screened Multicore Cable
2 Core Fig of 8 Individual y Screened Cable
2 Core Twisted Pair DMX Cable
Eminence Double Welded Bulbs
Standard 2 Core Fig of 8 Cable Full Copper Speaker Cable Reel
Fused Spur with Neon 13A
Round 3 core 1.5mm PVC Flex 15A 3183Y
Single Blanking Plate
Slimline 800 W White Convector Heater with 24 Hour Timer
Through Switch 5 A
T1 Switched Pendant Lamp Holder 60W
Sol Rey 3 kW Remote Control Outdoor Heater
Eagle Red/Black Figure of 8 Speaker Cable
Red/Black 24 Full Copper Figure 8 Speaker Cable 100m coil
Eagle Flat Twin & Earth Hank
2.5 kW 11 Fin Oil Filled Radiator with Timer
Spare 20 W Tube for EH1359
Round 3 Core 0.75mm Rubber Flex 6A 3183Y
Round 2 Core 0.75mm PVC Flex 6A 3182Y Hank
10 L 'Esquina 10' Compressor Dehumidifier with 1.5 L Tank Capacity
Prem-I-Air Elite PW1600 High Powered 135 Bar Pressure Washer
Spare 8 W Tube for EH1360
1.6 kW Halogen Heater with Remote Control
Prem-I-Air Replacement Spare Lamp 10 W
Travel Adaptor (UK to Australian/US) 7.5A
Round 3 Core PVC Flex 10 A 3183Y Hank
Round 2 Core 1mm PVC Flex 10A 3182Y Hank
Prem-I-Air 12000 BTU Per Hour Easy Fit Wall Mounted Air Conditioner with Heat Pump Exterior Unit (Condenser).
16 L 'Xtreem 16' Dehumidifier with 3 L Tank Capacity
6" (15 cm) Mini Clip and Desk Fan 2 in 1
Programmable Panel Heater
Eagle Standard Figure 8 Loudspeaker Cable. 100 m Reel
12" (30 cm) Desk Fan
Earth Sleeving 2mm Hank 2m
Prem-I-Air 3 kW Elite Over Door Air Curtain
10 L 'Xtreem 10' Dehumidifier with 1.5 L Tank Capacity
2 kW Convector Heater
2kW 9 Fin Oil Filled Radiator
3 kW Commercial Fan Heater with 2 Fan Speed Settings
High Velocity Air Circulator
Prem-i-air Bébé Mayor Ultrasonic Humidifier with 2.5 L Water Tank
Single Core Earth 10mm Green/Yellow 6491X Hank
2 kW White Convector Heater With Turbo Fan, Remote Control And 24 Hour Countdown Timer
Prem-I-Air 36" (90 cm) Portable Drum Fan
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