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Bugera 333XL-212 Infinium Valve Guitar Combo
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Bugera 333XL-212 Infinium Valve Guitar Combo
Bugera 333XL-212 Infinium Valve Guitar Combo
Bugera 333XL-212 Infinium Valve Guitar Combo
Bugera 333XL-212 Infinium Valve Guitar Combo

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(Product code: BU034 | EAN-13: 4033653054140)

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The 333XL/333XL-212 is the big brother to the 333 Series, with four key additions:

  • Overall active Presence control.

  • Comes loaded with EL34 power tubes for a more compressed, tighter midrange.

  • Noise Gate on Lead channel. This is an ANALOGUE gate that will never close or shut you off in a clean passage. It is designed to decrease high frequency noise and hiss without changing your tone and it works loads better than a lot of competitors' gates.

  • XL switch on Crunch and Lead channels. The XL function will add more "chunk" to your sound. You can add some thunder to the combo version to more closely emulate a 412 cab, thicken the sound of single coil pickups or add sustain to single-note melodic passages.

Like the 333, the 333XL also features 3 fully independent channels: Clean, Crunch and Lead, each with its own volume feeding the overall master volume.

  • XL switches on the Lead and Crunch channels for killer low end control

  • Adjustable Noise Gate available on Lead channel

  • Fully independent Equalizer sections for each channel with dedicated Bass, Mid and Treble control

  • Classic Presence control for efficient midrange sound shaping

  • Remote controlled FX Loop with adjustable Send and Return level also serves as Boost function

  • Heavy duty footswitch for Channel selection and FX Loop/Boost function included

  • Line output with dedicated Level control

  • Impedance switch (4, 8 and 16 Ohms) to match virtually any speaker cabinet

  • High quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life

  • Hand-built 120 Watt amplifier driven by 4 x EL34 valves (convertible to 6L6)
  • Revolutionary INFINIUM Valve Life Multiplier technology extends the life of your amplifier's expensive power valves up to 20 times
  • 2 original 12" BUGERA guitar speakers optimized for tight low-end and modern vintage mids
  • Modern 3 channel preamp design (Clean, Crunch, Lead) featuring 4 x 12AX7 valves for boutique clean and face-melting hi-gain tone
  • Integrated high class reverb is assignable per channel and has a dedicated Reverb control
Bugera 333XL-212 Infinium Valve Guitar Combo
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Bugera 333XL-212 Infinium Valve Guitar Combo
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