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BUGERA BC30-212 All-Valve Guitar Combo
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BUGERA BC30-212 All-Valve Guitar Combo
BUGERA BC30-212 All-Valve Guitar Combo
BUGERA BC30-212 All-Valve Guitar Combo
BUGERA BC30-212 All-Valve Guitar Combo

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The BC30-212 is the ultimate in tonal purity. The preamp conditions your signal then lets the power amp and speakers have their way with it. The amp becomes an extension of your guitar and your fingers - no channel switches or signal boosting devices to change the tone. Instead, you control the amp from the guitar; your dynamic nuances, picking technique, pickups, volume control, and tone knobs determine the sound you hear. Pick gently for crystal-clear clean tones. Pick hard, and youíll be rewarded with bone-shattering crunch. It's that simple.

The power amp section features four EL84 valves, the highly reactive, breakup prone secret to the sound that made Englandís finest amps (and guitarists) world famous. With the simple flick of a switch, you can choose two EL84's (15 W) or all four (30 W), giving the BC30-212 the power to restrain volume for smaller venues, or peel the paint off the walls in larger rooms.

In short, the BC30-212 thinks the way you do. And in true BUGERA fashion, it offers you a multitude of ways to customize its voice to meet your sonic tastes.
  • Hand-built 30 Watt Class-A guitar combo driven by 4 x EL84 valves
  • Mind-blowing distortion with terrifying punch and breathtaking vintage clean that breathes with headroom
  • True valve rectifi er gives you the flexibility of using one 5AR4 for a explosive attack or two 5U4s (not included) for a smooth and round responsiveness
  • Channel 1 features two 12AX7s creating a parallel triode circuit and an interactive EQ with amazing responsiveness
  • Channel 2 sports a high-gain channel based on a specially selected ECC83A valve coupled to a 6-position tone switch
BUGERA BC30-212 All-Valve Guitar Combo
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BUGERA BC30-212 All-Valve Guitar Combo
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