. 8 Channel CCTV (200 fps) PCI Card
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 8 Channel CCTV (200 fps) PCI Card
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 8 Channel CCTV (200 fps) PCI Card
 8 Channel CCTV (200 fps) PCI Card
8 Channel CCTV (200 fps) PCI Card
 8 Channel CCTV (200 fps) PCI Card

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This DVR Card can support with 8 channel (200 /240 fps) Video Recording

  • Running on a Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows VISTA platform, adopting state-of-the-art video and audio compression technique and involving few CPU resources, with the ability to ensure the long-term stability of the system;
  • Simple, properly arranged and user-friendly interface;
  • Full and practical functionalities ,without excessive utilities, abilities to satisfy users with monitor supervision requirements, and high system stability;
  • Full capability of windows operation mode and e-map operator mode; and compatibility between e-map mode and window operation mode, without any impact to the connection of network users and reading of video information in any mode;
  • Define maps by user as required in case of e-map mode;
  • Support 4 types of video recording modes: continuous video recording, definite-time video recording, motion detection video recording, and alarming video recording; and ability of individual setup of each of the channel;
  • Support image shading;
  • Support full real time of max. 64 channels of images, with a frame rate for each channel of 25 frames per second (for PAL system) and 30 frames per second (for NTSC system);
  • Support 1, 4, 9, 16, 25 and 36 channels of multiframe split display , and group switchover of images;
  • Image resolution ratio:CIF:352*28 HD1:704*28 D1:704x576;
  • Support alarming pre-recording and time-delay recording (time adjustable), recording the complete process of alarming video recording;
  • No frame loss in switchover between files, completeness of video information ensured;
  • Ability to support storage space of multiple hard disks, multi partition and automatic-detection of hard disk;
  • Capacity of hard disk for recording: depending on a user adjustable code rate of video recording (i.e., compression ratio) , commonly code rate under compressed format of MPEG-4/H.264 is 60-225 Mbit/hour/channel, generally the setting value is 100 Mbit/hour/channel;
  • Superimpose such information as time and monitor supervision location to image frame;
  • Concurrently perform video recording, surveillance, playback and remote surveillance;
  • Support control of user authority, administrator can set up various operations for user(s);
  • Functionality of software dongle, allowing the system to conduct self-diagnostics and self-protection, achieving unmanned;
  • Support voice talkback, and achieve voice talkback between multi-client-sides;
  • Support control operation of video camera PTZ (pivoting, translating, zooming and focusing), and decoder protocol being expandable through installation of driver;
  • Support door lock control, and control protocol is expandable through installing driver;
  • Support alarming linkage, alarm unit control protocol can be expanded through installing driver;
  • Functionality of built-in HTTP network server, supporting network browsing (IE browsing) , providing plug-in units running on Internet. supporting mapping of dynamic state IP address to static state IP address or website;
  • Providing common player and specialized player;
  • Distinguishing features: e-map functionality
  • Network talkback functionality
  • Specialized playing functionality

Hardware Requirement:

  • CPU: at least Intel P4 1.4G , P4 2.5G CPU is recommended.
  • Memory: at least 512 M, and 1G is recommended for system of more than 16 channels. Higher memory requirement is preferred for system intended for starting up network functions.
  • Motherboard: since compression card and motherboard are closely related in their operations, noted motherboard with Intel series chipset is recommended on account of the preferable compatibility of motherboard with Intel chipset.
  • Video adaptor: video adaptor shall support hardware stretching functionality, it is recommended to adopt display memory of at least 32M. Image quality depends on video adaptor used, therefore user shall select with care. Preferably GeForce or ATI video adaptors can be used, some integrated video adaptors are not supported. Users should make selections according to the practical situation.
  • Sound card: sound card integrated on motherboard is available.
  • Hard disk: high-capacity IDE or other hard disks with a rotational speed of 7200 rpm are recommended.
 8 Channel CCTV (200 fps) PCI Card
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 8 Channel CCTV (200 fps) PCI Card
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